Norman’s Song

During a trip to Philadelphia late last year, I rode the rail into town from the airport. In the course of my journey, I transferred trains at the Jefferson Station stop. As I waited, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the notes of a saxophone. Norman played beautifully for an on-the-go audience, many of whom did not stop long enough to notice, or appreciate, him. But there were those who did, too.

The men and women,
Girls and boys,
Shuffle by
Sometimes with a glance,
A brief acknowledgement
Of greatness —
A nod
To the musician.
Amazing Grace
The sweetness of their sound
Filling the halls
With waves
Of love and feeling,
Blessing the passersby,
Without pretense;
Working wonders.
The song of their heart,
Holding out
A hand,
Hoping to hear
The notes returned.

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